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Reiki Classes

Level 1 - $200
Level 2 - $500
Level 3 - $1000

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Rustic Dining Hall

Level 1

The Beginner's Level

Level 1 classes. 
You learn all the hand positions for treating someone. You receive a placement which will allow you to channel the Reiki energy. And you experience several powerful Reiki meditations which can be quite healing.

Level 2

The Practitioner's Level

In Level 2 you learn the three Level 2 Reiki symbols which allow you to increase the strength of your Reiki, heal mental and emotional traumas and finally do distance healings. Plenty of time is spent learning the symbols and using them. You also will do at least one full distance healing.

Level 3

The Master Level

Here you will receive the ability to pass Reiki on to others. You will have numerous meditations and placements and ignitions, all of which are healing, powerful and transformative.

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