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More Healing

Animal Healings

As well as being able to heal people, Reiki can be used to heal our animal friends. I have recently been attuned to a special animal Reiki energy and over the course of several session, Reiki can help heal animals and some of their issues. These sessions are done at a distance and merely require a photograph of the animal and their name.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet
Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

All Animal Types

Everything from horses to paraketes to potbellied pigs can be helped. Some animals, however, may not wish to be helped, and as with human Reiki, the individual's right to self determination are a factor. An animal that does not wish to be healed or helped will not be.

Healing of Relationships

Sometimes an animal needs to have their caretaker healed as well, as there is often a strong connection between pet and caretaker. This means that both may need healing sessions before lasting change can take place.

Dog Walker at the Park
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